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David Dragan Selakovic

Hi, I'm David Dragan Selakovic. Welcome to my profile!

David Dragan Selakovic's Bio:

A seasoned software architect-and-developer-turned-businessman, and finance guru, David Selakovic was born in Slovenia, and now spends most of his time in Singapore.

Selacorp business solutions are designed to help companies reach their full potential, by ensuring improved workflow and more importantly, achieving faster and more fruitful returns on investments.

David Dragan Selakovic is a sought-after investor with a keen eye toward building promising companies. In addition, he actively matches companies as he oversees mergers and acquisitions, and is a shareholder in several companies, across leading industries including IT, finance, chemical, medical, energy, and marketing. He is a majority shareholder in Selacorp, a global source for strategic IT solutions and intellectual asset management.

David Selakovic Singapore

David Dragan Selakovic's Interests & Activities:

David Selakovic Singapore

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